Telstra Tower was originally named Telecom Tower, however locally it was simply known as Black Mountain Tower. The name Black Mountain dates back to survey maps issued as early as 1832. Whilst the mountain is formed of early sedimentary rock (most surrounding mountains are igneous ie. produced by volcanic heat) the term “Black” most likely derives from the thickness of the dry sclerophyll vegetation.

The mountain, predominantly quartz impregnated sandstone was, according to historical records, first climbed by white men on 8/12/1820. It is said that Charles Throsby-Smith and james Vaughn used it as a vantage point in an effort to locate the Murrumbidgee River.

How to find us

You can reach Telstra Tower by car, from the Black Mountain Drive turn-off, on Clunies Ross Street, near the entrance to the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

Canberra’s day tour coach companies also include visits to the Tower in their itineraries.


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